"Are you ready to join runners and walkers around the world and Chase the Sun in 2017?"
We've traveled to the Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury! This year it's time to bring the heat!
HURRY! This Offer Won't Last Long!
Are You Ready to Set Fire to Your Feet?
 We are looking for runners, walkers and joggers of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to join us on a journey to the Sun in 2017! Log your miles and they will be added to our total miles as a group. Let’s log enough miles to get to the SUN! It’s a 93 million mile journey, so we need your help! You will move up the Moon Jogger rankings as you log more and more miles! Thousands of people worldwide have joined the challenge. Will you? SIGN UP NOW! The fun begins on January 1st, 2017!
1. You sign up and set a goal for how many miles you will run/walk in 2017 and which ranking you will achieve.
2. During the year you log your miles on our website. You’ll move up the rankings as you reach your goal.
3. Along with achieving your personal goal, all of your miles contribute to our grand total of miles to get to the SUN!
4. Be part of our Moon Jogger community and connect with members around the world!
What do you get?
Sign up now! FULL FLEDGED participants will receive:
Official Chase the Sun tech T-Shirt
Chase the Sun Window Decal & bib
Chase the Sun Welcome Letter
 Chase the Sun Participant’s Medal
25% off all of our virtual races for 2017
Your own personal mileage log on our website

*We have fun contests throughout the year, with great prizes, so be sure to join the Moon Jogger Facebook Group Page

Passing it on...

Since we are going to the SUN, you better make sure you wear lots of sun screen to protect your skin! Because of this, a portion of all of the registration fees will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Our goal is to raise $10,000 with this event!
“We will laugh with you, cry with you, comfort you, bolster you, praise you, give you pointers, answer your questions, celebrate with you, mourn with you.. we don’t HAVE to actually see your face to care. And knowing that we all care will make the paths we share smoother, easier and more fun!!”  
Carolyn Guhman
New Orleans, LA
Start stretching those legs now!
Taking off on January 1, 2017
Made In Some Sunny Place Cool @ Moon Joggers
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